Fruit Bowl XXV Slots

If you ever thought of making a Super Bowl themed game that was cast by fruit, you were one of my two people on the planet that ever thought that. This game is the result of that idea, having been requested by seemingly nobody, but all of us benefiting from it taking full form. It is the most inventive and intriguing premise we have seen for one of these games. The graphics are also well done, with amazing production values, and a high attention to detail. There is very little about this game that you will not enjoy. One thing you will enjoy, however, are the seemingly endless winnings. It’s a great time to be had for sports fans and fruit fans alike!

About the Game

This game is a sport themed game that somehow manages to work in fruit. Your greeted by the average number of lines to bet on, a good range of coin sizes, and the usual number of reels. It was brought to you by real time gaming, one of the best in the industry. It’s a great way to play if you are looking to pass the time with an over the top premise.

Slot Game Developer

This game is brought to you by the fine folks at real time gaming. They are the ones that start of the online gambling world as we know it when it comes to slots. They made all of the headlining features, put all of the lines on the reels, and in general led to this industry. At the very least, they championed it if someone did it in small scale before them. Well they certainly did not invent slot machines, they didn’t invent how to do them the best online. If you want a trusted brand that is independently audited, and wonderful games, look no further!

Demo Play

If you just want to enjoy the graphics and have a good time, you are more than welcome to play the shareware version of it. It starts off in demo form, never having to take a single penny from your bank account to play. Once you keep going from there, it’ll spin for as long as you are able, or as long as your attention span holds. The time you can play the demo was limited only by the number of artificial coins you have been given. On top of that, if you run out, you can always reload!


This is a grocery store meet Super Bowl game. We’ve never seen a crossover like that, and we are sure no one else has ever thought of it before. It’s one of those zany things that you think kids would probably draw if they were in grade school. Someone took one of those childhood ideas and made it into a professional game for adults where you would gamble money and went back! We think that everybody can enjoy the theme here, whether or not you are the kind of person that would be normally inclined to like sports or fruit. It’s the ceiling us in general that is the draw.

Game Design

You can play across the usual number of five reels, and the industry standard number of 25 lines. With the progressive jackpot along the top, you will be playing for a while! You can match grapes, balls, tickets, hats, fruity players, a field, the symbol for the game, the award-winning cup, and the fans from the stands. On top of that, the coin sizes go from one penny to five dollars for just one coin. Across the lines, that makes the maximum betting amount $125. That’s skyhigh and gambling terms, at least for a game of this kind!

Slot Game Type

This game can be classified across-the-board in many different ways. The number of reels is five, the bonuses all mostly center around the fruit bowl feature, and the jackpot across the top is progressive. It’s a well rounded game!

Free Spins

Free spins come up should you match the fruit bowl feature. This is this games version of a bonus round. Once it is activated, you’ll have a chance to win any number of prizes. As you expect, some of them are scatters, some of them are multipliers, some of them are jackpots, and most of them are free spins. Free spins essentially let you to give it another try without wasting your money on the spend I did not win. It’s great, and makes the game feel alive!

Slot Game Rating

This game is one of the most popular games on the site, right now ranked number one, but consistently ranked them on the top five. We’re not sure why it’s rank so highly, and may be because of how strange the theme itself is. There certainly are not many games like it, and there may not be any other form of media like it at all given the intriguing theme.

Slot Game Winners

If you’re lucky enough to score a touchdown in this game, you can find your name across the front of the site indicating that you have won! This leaderboard of sorts let everybody know who’s winning, and when the progressive jackpot has come to. It’s a great feature to have, and you’ll feel great when you’re added to it, provided you play long enough to get there! The people that get there at tend to take a little longer, but it’s accordingly worth it.

Play for Fun

Feel free to play for fun and have a great time. There is no shame in that putting down any money, at least for a while. It is the best way to try out the game, enjoy it at your own pace, and get used to the world of online gambling. We know things can be tough to get into, and even scarier. Once you get over that hump, however, it leads right into playing for real money. If you wanna start off for fun, or return to it as you wait for your next paycheck, feel free!

Play for Real Money

Playing for real money is the real way to go in our book. There is no upside to playing for free if you’re looking to win money. The amount that you put down is entirely up to you, ranging from pennies to dollars. The payouts are also admirable, well above the industry standard. If you want to treat your time as an investment, putting real money down is the way to go. Statistically, you are going to win eventually, you just need to play for long enough!

Mobile Play for Android / iOS

If you’re across any device you could hold in your hand, you will love the way this game looks in place! No matter your network connection or screen size, it was designed with the phone and tablet in mind. The graphic scale beautifully, and the vibrant colors pop right off your screen. We would much prefer to browse around on gambling sites then stay on social media when we’re on our phones!