The affiliate program at Captain Jack casino is one of the best and fairest in the industry offering a 45% revenue share even for new affiliates. It is simple and easy to sign up to the affiliate program and once a member of the program, the affiliate benefits from all of the services of Ace Revenue, the umbrella organization for Captain Jack and other casinos. All of the partners in this special Ace Revenue program are more than just business partners that earn commission, they are treated as family and receive full support and service and even tips to improve business from the management of Ace Revenue.

Partner Incentives

Ace Revenue offers its partners many different incentives to help them increase business and with up to 50 depositors, the affiliate receives and immediate 35% revenue for life. An affiliate that brings in over 50 depositors benefits from a 45% revenue payout each month. Another unique feature of this special system is that all negative balances are zeroed each month, in other words if an affiliate does not earn commissions for one month, there is no impact on the following months earnings. Payout timings are according to the amount of bonus a player has taken. If a player has taken less than 100% bonus, the affiliate payment will be processed in 48 hours. At Captain Jack casino all other payments are processed within 72 hours. The Ace Revenue affiliate system used by Captain Jack Casino is one of the fairest in the industry today.