Sweet 16 Blast! Slots

Sweet 16 Blast! Slots

Sweet 16 Blast may sound a little familiar to you. If it does, you may recall checking out the original Sweet 16 slot game. This is a sequel to that, so it was obviously a popular game for players to check out. Can this follow-up be just as good or perhaps even better? Let's see what we can find out.

Developer details

Three words at the foot of the paytable reveal the source of the game - Spin Logic Gaming.

You can try it first via the demo game

This is way safer as you'll play with demo coins. They stay inside the game, as you'd expect, but it does give you a decent way to try it and see what you make of it.

The theme doesn't spring any surprises

The sweet part of the title gives us a lot of candy to contend with. There are hard candies and even a chocolate one with sprinkles on it.

The design backs up a candy-filled world

There are clouds floating past in the sky, with mountains made from candy and other edible goodies. Everything is super colorful, and that applies to everything you'll find on the reels as well.

How to play Sweet 16 Blast slots

This is a 6 x 5 game, which might suggest how you'll search for prizes. It doesn't offer any progressive jackpots, but the paytable is filled with all kinds of candies that pay varying amounts.

As for special icons, you can watch for the heart that says Sweet 16, as this is your scatter symbol. You only need four to unlock a scatter prize, although five or six would trigger better prizes. The game also has a multiplier symbol in the shape of a green gummy bear. No wilds here though.

Paylines replaced by a pays any format

This isn't the same as cluster pays, as you don't need to get matching symbols in contact with each other to count. If you find enough - eight or more in most cases - you'll receive the relevant prize.

How pricey is this slot game?

Pays any works out quite reasonable in bet sizes. The lowest bet for a spin is 20 cents, while using the plus button to the side of the spin button gives you the chance to go through other values. This can take you to the biggest bet of $20 a time.

Look for the pink circular info icon to find the paytable

There are a few pink accents in the game, and this is one of them. The paytable explains everything neatly and gives you a better insight into what's to come.

Introducing the Cascading Wins feature

We're sure you can figure out how this works. Whenever a prize arrives, those symbols vanish - and since you'll mostly have eight or more of them, this allows for plenty more new symbols to appear once the remaining icons drop to the bottom of the reels. If this results in another prize, the same happens once more and can carry on until you get a grid filled with non-winning symbols.

Free spins can turn up in Sweet 16 Blast too

The scattered logo for the game is responsible for getting you through to this round. You only need four of these, although you can trigger it with more as well. You'll get 10 games with those multiplier gummy bears involved. Each bear could be worth between 2x and 100x. Whenever a cascade occurs, the gummy bears in view at the end of the feature will be added together and used to boost the total prize from the cascade. If you get another three or more scatters during a spin, you'll receive a further five games too.

The paytable doesn't provide you with an RTP value

This isn't a huge surprise given the game developer, as they do not usually list the value in the details for the game.

How highly do we rate the Sweet 16 Blast slot game?

It's an excellent game, although not so much if it makes you hungry! We loved that it didn't ask you to find clusters of winning symbols, and the multiplier gummy is a real hit too. This is surely worth 8.5 points from a maximum of 10.

Plenty of opportunities to pick up some prizes in this one

The paytable reveals all the winning combinations, but of course, those multiplier gummy bears really help during the free spins if you can get them to land when you've got a cascade going.

Demo play lets you figure out more about the game

And this in turn lets you work out whether there is room in your budget to play it for real.

Look for Sweet 16 Blast at all casinos carrying this brand of slots

You should find both the practice option and the real one available at all sites.

Mobile sweet treats with Sweet 16 Blast

There are plenty of treats to look out for when you're ready to find some sweet delights on your smartphone or tablet.