Panda Magic Slots

This is a game that feels like a well-done story wrapped in a slot machine and that pays you magical amounts of money and makes you smile along the way. It combines a somewhat Asian theme with a very western style of magic and mystery, almost looking like someone took the Harry Potter universe and gave it an Asian spin. Afterwards, for whatever reason, they decided to make everybody animals as well, led by a panda because, why not? That sets the stage for this wonderfully well done game, which is more than just a pretty face, and place just as well as it looks, which is good, because it looks spectacular!

Even if you were to do away with the graphics and replace them with clipart, this game will still have a lot to keep you entertained. You can bet on 1024 combinations on the lines that you bet on, for example. You can also win up to 30 free spins, which also double your winnings during the time they are activated, and can’t even let you win more free spins while you are spending your free spins! It is a dizzying amount of winning they can be had here, and a great time for all if you’re willing to give it a chance.

Something should be said for the theme itself, which is that once innovative and refreshing. We have seen many games that have made use of animals, and in particular, pandas. We have not seen, however, any game take on the genre and so magical away as they have done here, and by combining it with a Chinese looking set of aesthetic’s, make it entirely unique. It is no wonder that this ranks among the top games in the genre, employers are chomping at the bit every time they open now. If you want to get in the play before they shut this one down from all the winning people are doing, we recommend jumping in immediately! It’s a lot better than watching a Kung Fu Panda movie on Netflix.

What You Can Expect

We think that the visual art bunch of other games says most of what you need to know about the rest of the game. Sure, we have seen some great games that weren’t all that great to look at, and we have seen some very pretty games they played like crap. It is very rare to find that, however, what you see usually being what you get when it comes to these. This game is a wonderful example of that. The art style here is so wonderfully rendered that everything looks like it is a ham done painting that is on par of anything you would find it in our coward. From that alone, you know the developers meant business. Everything by real time gaming is good, but this one really takes it to another level!

Would you look at what they did with the game play alongside those graphics, you can see why this is such a beloved game around here. The amount of combinations that you can bet on because of the unique nature of the lines played are astronomically high, being 1,024. The number of free spins you can win by the bonus round comes up is also double than what you would expect, here 30, and elsewhere are usually only being 15. When you put in some nice pay rates on top of that, you have a game that is hard to compete with on almost all fronts!

What They Could Have Improved

As magical as this game is, we do wish they had put a little bit more effort into the bonus features. We like free spins as much as the next person, but we do not feel that they made the bonus rounds hear all that magical. With the amount of money they spent on the our budget and everything else, we do not feel it would have been all that hard for them to put a little more effort into things here. They could have easily made this a 10/10 game, and it probably wouldn’t have taken them that long. That is our main criticism of it, alongside there being no real compelling jackpot. We’re OK with the lack of a jackpot given the number of lines you can bet on, however, which can add up to make you rich and just a single spin!

General Style and Presentation

If you ever wondered what Harry Potter would look like if it was made into a Disney movie full of animals and painted by a classical Renaissance artist, that’s exactly what this game looks like! We’re pretty sure no one has ever wonder that ever, not once, and the history of the planet, but here it is. Everything is beautiful, has a nice magical set of purples to it, a slight Asian theme to it that is appreciated, and some really nice saturated colors that make it all feel like magic. It is set at night, place really fast, and you will probably not see this on yourself because you are going to be staying up all night playing this one!

Summing Up the Game

Panda Magic Slots takes a theme that we have seen done 1000 times before—pandas—and makes it so well damn that we’re not quite sure we can ever go back to playing anything less. It has the art budget of a feature film, the creative flair of a visual novel, and enough lines to bet and that you could easily spend all day just trying to figure that part of it out. It pays you very well, pays out very often, and the only problem with it is the lack of a very interesting bonus game. We will take everything else in place of that if that’s the price, however, and recommended it with ease!