Panda's Gold Slots

We’re not sure why there are so many games about pandas. At least in the online casino world, we see no reason for this to be. They have nothing to do with money, they look kind of strange, and if you were to encounter one in the wild, they may very well kill you. Assuming you can find one, as they are quite in danger. For whatever reason, however, these bamboo chewing bears have come to be strongly tied to everything it means to win money on the Internet. This game jumps right on that boat, sales it in a good direction, and even offer some novel spends on it that are much appreciated!

To begin with, the our budget here is very high, and the creativity present in all of the animals that you will see is top notch. Even if you were not playing this game to win money, you would still have a good time basking in the imagery and taking it all in. It is a beautiful game, has a lot of detail to it, and you won’t find anything wanting about that aspect of it. Thankfully, it also has a nice sense of humor, present and some of the expressions present all the animals, and related things.

They made the game play here match, giving you all kinds of things to win, and pushing the envelope where it counts. The bonus round, for example, is called wealth free games. Although this name is awkward and strange, the way it plays is very fun. They also let you bet on a grand total of 88 lines, which is almost triple the amount, and maybe more, then you would usually see elsewhere. These are just some examples of how they went the extra mile here, and managed to be more than yet another panda game. If you can appreciate that, and have a love of these cute cuddly creatures, we recommend spinning on over and playing this one right now!

What You Can Expect

The visuals here are clearly the focus, with the theme being center stage, and the expressions on the animals being paramount. They did a wonderful job there, everything looks wonderful, and it all really shows how much time and effort they put into it. Aside from that, and you have a well-made winning machine that is carefully engineer to keep you addicted for long spans of time. You can bet on 88 lines all at once if you would like, you can win up to 50,000 times and he bet that you make, the free spins feature offers multipliers of up to five will activate it, and you win eight of those anytime it shows up.

Aside from that, if you have the usual slot game that you have come to enjoy from Real Time Gaming. There is a reason that they are beloved in the industry, and it is no surprise here that they have turned out yet another hit. The pacing is fast, the way things are decent, and it all feels more than fair. You might actually wonder if there is a glitch in the system with how often you will be winning. The pay rate is obscenely high for a game that is about Asian bears, and we hope that writing that in this review doesn’t encourage the developers to change that!

What They Could Have Improved

First and for most, they easily could have added in some jackpots here that would have given you something to work towards during your place sessions. The number of lines you can bet on being 88 is certainly a nice feature, but no feature is nicer than winning lots of money all at once. They also could have made the bonus round a little more interesting, offering a little bit more than three games for your trouble. We enjoyed that the multipliers are present during these free spins, but think that they could have done a little more here to make it shine as brightly as the graphics.

We also would have been happy if they had done a little bit more then slap the panda on this game. We think this one is innovative enough that they did not need to rely on that theme, and are so much cheapening themselves from tying them to it at all.

General Style and Presentation

This game looks wonderful, is handpainted, and has some of the most expressive animals that you will likely see anywhere on the Internet. There is a slight Asian looked at things present in both the backgrounds, the imagery, and the choice of animals as well. This works its way into the graphics in the form of pagoda is it related things, as well as the suits of cards. It all makes for a very nice oriental experience that is appreciated on the eyes, and makes it more than just another game about blackeyed bears!

Summing Up the Game

Panda's Gold Slots ranks up there with some of the best games about pandas of all time. That’s a strange thing to write, but keep in mind, there are probably hundreds of games about pandas on the Internet, even among slot games like this! They put a lot into the graphics, the animals are an absolute joy to look at, and it pays you very well for your time. It’s nice to have an overall well rounded package like this, only held back by the minor neglect of not including a progressive jackpot of any kind. If winning up to 50,000 times your bet sounds like fun to you, you like the idea of 88 lines to bet on, and you simply love panda bears, that this game was made for you, and we think you will have a great time if you jump in!