Crystal Waters Slots

Don’t let the cover image of this came for you: this is more than just a Flipper knock off! Rather than being a cheap throwaway underwater slot machine game, which is what you usually see in the genre, this game took the theme of the heart, rendered so beautifully the underwater sea creatures that you will want to own your own, and with all the money you owe went from there, you could likely afford an aquarium yourself! It has a wonderful tropical setting, beautiful creatures on seemingly every image, and they pay rate that is so high that you’ll wonder if there are certainly going to shut the game down because they’re losing so much money! Get it while it last, as you will be on the receiving end of all that money!

Whether you like the theme or the gameplay, you’ll be in for a good time here. If you combine all of the dolphins and fish on the reels, you can win up to 16 times any bet that you make! There are also wonderful jackpots, and you get rewarded quite frequently. You can have 4000 times any bet that you make at the high end with the sea turtles, and matching the boats will give you 15 free spins if you get at least three of those guys. There’s also a random jackpot that is absolutely phenomenal, and you can bet a maximum total of $100 for a single spin. If that doesn’t entice you, we’re not sure what will!

Of all the games we’ve played that were set on the beach, including ones they had to do with scuba diving of being underwater, this is definitely one of our favorites. Although it does not feature 3-D graphics, it does feature a lot of heart and everything that you see. It was expertly drawn, the gameplay comes together wonderfully, And it is hard to imagine anything that we would change about it. Give it a spin, let us know what you think, and try not to get too wet!

What You Can Expect

A lot of slots feature different ways of winning lots of money, betting until your hands get sore, and all the usual things that you would come to expect from things by companies such as real time gaming. One of our favorite part about slots, however, which this game capture is wonderful, is the wonderful world they open up to us in narrative form. Through the visuals in the various thematic elements, you will find an underwater adventure here that makes this one stand tall and swim further than all the rest. It isn’t an entirely forgettable experience like so many others. It feels almost like a trip to sea world, or more accurately, the ocean itself! We love that aspect of it, and above all else, it’s why we kept coming back time and again for yet one more spin.

The gameplay fortunately does not disappoint, either! As we said, free spins come at your frequently in groups of 15, you can win up to 4000 times your bet at the high-end, and the random jackpot feature is bound to make anybody smile that knows what the words mean. When you come by that with a healthy betting amount that goes up to $100 a spin, but is still accessible enough to average at just pennies if you want to bet last, you have a wonderful accessible game that is offering something for everybody and a nice undersea your package!

What They Could Have Improved

We really can’t think of a whole lot here that we would have changed. The graphics are wonderful, the betting amounts are good, and it pays out frequently. You can bet on almost any amount that you would like, and there are even round of jackpots! When you add that along side the wonderful theme, it’s a wonder what we would change. If we had to push ourselves, however, we would up the number of multipliers, make the bonus rounds far more interesting than simply giving out some free spins, and make the maximum betting amount per spin maybe around $300. Even then, however, like we said, we’re perfectly satisfied with it as it is now!

General Style and Presentation

This game is a nice mix of fish drawn so realistically that you almost feel like you would get wet just by looking at them, while at the same time having a lot of style and creativity to make it more than just another fish game. It has a nice sense of tropical colors to it all, it all looks like it was done to look like it was underwater itself, and you can tell by the title image that the production values are completely off the charts, over the waves, or what ever pun would be appropriate for of the theme!

Although we usually hate suits of playing cards and games like these, what they did here was a cut above the rest as well. They have a nice bubbly, underwater look to them that was very creatively done. We respect the developers for that, and they almost has a much character as the actual sea creatures you will see themselves!

Summing Up the Game

Crystal Waters Slots is easily the best game in the slot market to feature a dolphin, but the fan doesn’t stop there! With production values that rival the price of a luxury cruise line, wonderful sea creatures that are fun to look at, random jackpots that are fun to win, and a generally off the wall pay rate, this is a game that is hard not to recommend. The only way you were not like this game is if you were a verse to winning money, and if that were the case, we recommend seeing a psychiatrist immediately!