Aztec's Millions Slots

This is the genre that started it all, going back to the original millionaires with the cities made of gold in the Aztec era. This game honors them greatly with progressive jackpots, innovative graphics, large numbers of lines to bet on, and more free spins than the gods would have anticipated. If you are in for the long-haul, it also has some staying power with how often the bonus rounds come on. It’s one of the greatest games in the genre, and the one to beat if you are interested in taking the top spot on the totem pole!

About the Game

This game come by and tie production values with a wide array of features and small betting amounts. Their intention is to draw you in, get you addicted, and have you make an endless series of smaller bets, rather than having fewer larger payouts. This works well with the scheme of the progressive jackpot, and the general theme. People back then probably would have put in more time and effort because things were tough. This game requires the same, but will reward you in ways that are completely worth it if you can push through the grind!

Slot Game Developer

This came was brought to you by the wonderful folks that we all know and love that real time gaming. This was one of their first games, this being a genre that everybody enjoys. They outdid themselves with it, packing it with all the features that you will see in their other titles, and having great jackpots and multipliers all around. If there were one developer that you had to beat, it would be real time gaming. This is one of their most iconic games. It did not go on to form a franchise, but it is one that everybody looks to when talking about good games.

Demo Play

If you’re feeling extra time, this game can be there for you. You will start off in all sorts of demo modes and other games, this game being no different. The second things load, you can have at it when it comes to spins and having good times. It’s probably the way to go if you’ve never gambled on the Internet, or aren’t sure if this game is worth your time. We think it will prove itself in short order. You can be the judge, however, and do it for free!


Everybody knows about the Aztec culture, whether or not they know what it was called. In particular, they are a culture south of the border from America that along time ago, Cortez another Spanish settlers came to and went to war with. They were known for giant temples, unlimited amounts of gold, wonderful iconography, worshiping nature guards, and human sacrifice. If you have seen the sacrifices and films like Indiana Jones, that was based on this culture. At least the gold part has to do with all my gambling, so it’s partly fitting! You will also be sacrificing while playing it, only in a very different way.

Game Design

This game went home to inspire many others, so it can seem somewhat rudimentary, but that is only because it was later mimic by many subsequent games. The game comes to you with five reels in total, nice amounts of jackpots, and 25 lines the bet on. The average coin size is $.20. You can’t get much at once, but you can play long into the evening. As for what you can match, you can do suits of playing cards, the logo for the game, a treasure chest, a leopard, a creepy idol, a king, a lovely necklace, a dashing woman, and other cards you are used to seeing.

Bonus Round

The bonus round here is simply a free spins feature. They did not put a whole lot of time into this, instead giving you more time to play. We’re OK with this, as we love getting free money! This is pretty close, given how often you a win. The number free spins you get will depend on the choices you have made, and the different things you have matched up until then. The average person will get the bonus round coming up often, however.

Game RTP

This game, much like all the others from real time gaming, comes back by their industry standard of around 97%. Their return to player means that you can play for endless hours, and will be guaranteed to have matches come up fairly within that time. That is not a guarantee to win the progressive jackpot, or any of the others. It is a guarantee that things are fair, and you will get matches, however. What they will be is up in the air. Look will be on your side given the statistics, however, verified by third-party independent auditing boards that are always going and making sure things are safe.

Slot Game Rating

This is the most popular game on the genre, I am consistently on the top five on the site. There is no wonder why that is the case given how great that it looks, and how wonderfully you can play it and it never gets boring. Our personal take on it is that it is the third best game on the site, outmatched by the other simply because they pay more.

Play for Fun

If you’re playing in demo mode, you can have fun for as long or as little as you feel comfortable with. No money is necessary, although you will get no money in return! It is a fully featured demo of the game, letting you see everything that has to offer, outside of paying out. If we have to take a guess as to how many people play these games just for fun, it would be a very high number. Don’t feel ashamed to try them out and simply have a good time. There is no shame in any of that, and while to fall in love, you can decide whether or not to put your money into it!

Play for Real Money

If you really want to win, real money is the only way to go. Once you get tired of playing infinitely in demo mode, you can hop back in and get an actual pay out. Putting down money makes the free spins feature fun, because in demo mode, everything is basically free. The jackpot will give you payouts in proportion to how much we put down for each coin. Should you bet more, you will get more in return. The progressive jackpot is independent, but everything else benefits from taking risks!

Mobile Play for Android and iOS

If there is a device that this can’t win over, it probably doesn’t exist! We played as across everything we could find, and hands-down it looks wonderful on all of them. Whether you enjoy iOS, android, or anything else, you can enjoy these games.