Wooden Boy Slots

This game is Pinocchio. There’s no other way to put it. It’s the classic tale that that’s original form will probably frighten you, made popular, friendly, and fuzzy by Disney. It’s a wooden boy that dreams of being a real boy, but then goes on adventures to earn his way into the human world. This take on it is one we adore, and we love seeing it in online gambling. If you were looking for something different, or an avid Disney fan, and enjoy high production values, this is a game you will not forget anytime soon. It is also the only game themed around Pinocchio we have ever played online!

About the Game

This game comes to you from a good provider, with great production values, and lots of charm. It was hand drawn, and has a certain sense of charisma to it from the smiling faces, including that of the whale himself. You can also match in a large number of interesting ways. This is due to how the reels are set up, and the different directions the mattress can go in. If you are interested in something unique while also being thematically familiar, this game is it!

Slot Game Developer

This game is brought to you by real time gaming. They are some of the best makers of slot machine games and their software that you will ever find. This isn’t one of their highest budget affairs, but it is one of their most heartfelt. Their take on the classic Pinocchio tale is great, and goes perfectly well with them reimagining different concepts and many other titles. We wish this one would become a franchise, as they are known for doing that, and it would probably go over well!

Demo Play

In much the same way Pinocchio was initially scared of leaving his masters house, if you’re too afraid to put down money, you can start in demo mode to get your fix. This lets you player of all the featured versions of the game, walking only in the money and the jackpot so you could well. For many, this will defeat the purpose. It is always the best place to start, however, when going to a new game. It’ll let you get a feel for how it works, and let you know whether or not it’s worthy of your time and money!


The original Pinocchio fan was about wooden boy that everybody hated, causing lots of mischief like Dennis the Menace, and eventually they ended up putting him on a cross and burning him. They also hung him. This is not the version that the story is based on, however. This version was based on the Disney film, which took all that and made it something people would want to see you, and children would not be frightened though. There drew it in their own unique style, but it still is always going to bear that classic Disney resemblance. He is an older boy and this version, that being the only change.

Game Design

This game was designed with five reels, great jackpots, and high maximum bets. The coin sizes go from just one penny all the way up to the high number of five dollars for a coin. You can bet these across the 20 different lines, which go in many directions. The maximum but if you do the math is going to come out to around $100 for a single spin. When you put this alongside the free spins, and the progressive jackpot, you are in for lots of winnings if you get lucky enough!

Bonus Round

Should you match enough Pinocchio ‘s, you will be greeted with the free spins feature. This puts free spins all across your game, letting you repeat the amount of money you just bet without having to put it down again. It’s. further incentive to bet a lot. Many times, it’s equivalent to betting high three times in a row, or five! Sometimes even more. There’s no answer the number of free spins that come out sometimes. You can also win more free spins after getting an initial free spin, playing on endlessly if you are lucky enough!

Free Spins

This is the standout feature of the game, being their titular picture. They will let you play for for a longer for the same amount of money. If you can buy them out with the deposit bonus, it’s like turning your free money into free spans that get turned into a real winnings!

Game RTP

This game is back by the same thing all the other real time gaming titles are, namely that you have a 96 to 97% return the player. You know this is true because it’s been independently verified by others who are in a position to know. This software back to the entire industry, and is the reason we could all gamble online. As long as you keep playing diligently, you will win eventually!

Slot Game Rating

This game is consistently ranked as the most popular among the fairytale genre. It is one of our favorite fairytale games, and in general, one of our favorite games on top of that! If that’s not high prayers, we are not sure how else to put it. If you don’t like art style, it won’t be for you, but for everyone else, we think they will agree that this is one of the best games.

Play for Fun

If you simply want to enjoy the great graphics and immerse yourself in the somewhat narrative nature of things, you can simply have fun and not have to put down money. Instant play happens the moment the game is loaded, operating as a fully featured demo. You won’t have to break your bank account, although you won’t be breaking the bank in return with winnings. All games start off this way, making it a good chance to get a feel for the different games, and whether or not they are for you.

Play for Real Money

You were also able to play for real money, offering real winnings and real stakes. These keep things far more interesting than the demo mode that you play for fun. We can play for real money just as long as we have money on the account, which tends to be infinite because of the deposit bonus as you get around the website. With enough bonuses, you can be gambling for free indefinitely, getting more free spans to extend it further!

Mobile Play for Android and iOS

This game was made for iPads, it looking the best there. The tile graphics in the intricate details all shine on that nice big screen. It still looks great on android and iPhones, however. No matter what platform you play it on, if it fits in your hand, you’re going to fittingly have a good time and find it looks great on the device!