Triple 7 Inferno Slots

If you have played any of the other titles by Real Time gaming that feature the same basic theme, know that this is one of the better ones, and a good entry point for the series. Nothing here is all that innovative, and you have probably seen many of these very same elements before. With that in mind, however, Triple 7 Inferno comes equipped with a nice progressive jackpot, all kinds of different amounts you can bet to keep it on budget, and ample winnings if you are willing to make an investment.

The set up here is about what you would normally find in the rest of the real time gaming games, this one being only three reels, and with no betting mechanics so to speak of, aside from how much money and told her you were put down. There is only a single line to bet on in this way, which makes it very easy to keep going. That is both one of the best and worst things about the game, there not being much to it, which makes it easy to pick up, but just as easily to put down unfortunately!

If you were looking for a game that is simple, intuitive, and will let you immediately jump into a play session while going about your day, this is probably one of the better options. It's easily one of the best in this particular series, follow closely behind the lightning version. We personally prefer fire, which may be one of the only reasons we like this one a little bit better! Weather is because of that or that this one paid us just a little bit more than the rest of them, we would recommend this one over all the rest, and recommend anybody give it a try, regardless of how they feel about this particular series!

What You Can Expect

We recommend going into this world with low expectations, and that's not because we just like it. There is a lot to like here, and a lot that they did well. It all comes together wonderful, and plays very quickly. There are no bugs, mishaps, or anything of that time. Despite that, however, after you make your very first spin, you affectively saw everything the game has to offer. They have a nice progressive jackpot that will keep you glued to your seat, but aside from that one element, there's not much here. You spend, you win, some of the time you'll lose, and that's about it!

It is nice that it has a somewhat over the top theme, however. Personally, anything we see here covered and fire and flames makes us smile, this game big no different. The fact that they combined our favorite number with the details you would normally see on a monster truck is something that makes us smile just thinking about it. This lighthearted take on slots is likely something that will either be loved or not depending on your taste. If you have a sense of humor, however, there is some novelty in that part of it!

What They Could Have Improved

This game leaves much to be desired when it comes to features, the gameplay, and all else. We don't dislike anything about it, but there's definitely a lot about it that they could've put more thought into. There's really nothing to do here besides spin, for example, with not a single bonus round to speak of, or any features that are remotely interesting. Paying out very well certainly helps to make up for that, but even then, it's hard to keep going after too long periods with all the slots out there on the Internet that exist, and how interesting some of them are, you'll probably find yourself leaving very quickly! At least you'll get paid for your time.

General Style and Presentation

This game is part of a series by real time gaming that takes place on the backdrop of a classic slot machine presumably on the Las Vegas strip. All of them look pretty much the same, differing only in the decals and titles that you will see around the imagery. It looks pretty good, but if you played any of the other games of the series, you will find that it does look about the same. You could easily switch one out for the other and not even notice if you were paying attention!

If you've never played any of the other games of the series, we still can't recommend this one. It makes for a useful point of departure to see what real time gaming is famous for, and there's nothing here for you to figure out how to wrap your head around. You will be spinning into the night, although as we said, not for very long! Unless you happen to be a Pyro.

Summing Up the Game

Triple 7 Inferno Slots is one of the better entries in the real time gaming franchise that slaps classic features over the top of an old time 90s slot machine to mixed results. The pay rate in this one tends to be higher than we are used to, the progressive jackpot is most appreciated, and we can only fall the game for not providing players much to do after the first several spins. If you're the kind of person that doesn't play these games for very long anyway, none of this will matter. If you're the kind of person looking for a little more depth than your slots, however, you'll probably want to give this one a try, and keep another browser tab open to switch over to after you played it for too long! This is a game that's all about winning money, lite on features, and you'll have to decide for yourself if that's for you.