Paddy's Lucky Forest Slots

There aren't many Irish Games in the Online slot machine world. Fewer still are good ones! You have found both with this one. Featuring an art style that is a mix of Disney's Frozen and some thing out of Europe, this game is a joy to look at and a wander to play. From free spins to wilds to bonus rounds and great graphics, this game has everything.

About the Game

This game is banking on the fact that you're going to love the way that it looks. With how great it came out, it's hard to argue with that! Leprechauns are the theme here. They also are accompanied by nice princesses and fairies. It is an odd and unexpected mix that works well. We were quite surprised by the Irish mythology coming together with cutesy elements and attractive women. You've never seen or played anything like it!

Slot Game Developer

This game is brought to you by real time gaming, bringing all of their usual goodness along with it. They have some of the best returns to player in town, and a reputation that stands high among the competition.

Demo Play

If you're too chicken to give the game a try without having played it, you can do so for free. As soon as you see the game load, you can spin, and everything will play just as it would if you were betting. The only difference is that you can't win! At least real money.


This game is themed around Irish mythology, focusing on the leprechaun itself as the title character, and accompanying him by many lovely fairies. We're not quite sure if anyone else in history has ever combined those elements together, in anything, let alone a slot machine. We love how it turned out, however, and wouldn't have it any other way!

A lot of people are aware that there is more to Irish culture than leprechauns and four leaf clover 's. They do feature both of those here, fulfilling the stereotype, but there is much more! That is all part of a larger enchanted forest idea that gets lost when people focus on some of the more popular elements that are associated with holidays.

Game Design

This game is designed to have progressive jackpots, bonuses, and lots of ways to bet. You can bet a crossed 720 lines. On top of that, you can bet in increments of your choice, going up to five dollars a coin, and as little as one penny.

This is all played out across five reels, with a progressive jackpot along the top. It makes everything more exciting because you're never quite sure when it's going to come your way! Of all the favorite features we have of this game, that one tops the rest. Much like the jackpot itself!

Betting Options

You can bet up to $125 here, in multiple coin sizes. Across the 720 lines, and the innovative style of five reels, this makes for infinite winning potential if you're willing to take the risk and put down your money. Our favorite way to players with five dollar coins, which keeps things interesting!

Bonus Round

The many bonus rounds here are always the stars of the show. It has the three progressive jackpots, a pick bonus feature, and a slippery wilds feature. The latter gives you more wilds on the board should you match the right things, the pick bonus feature has you picking from random boxes to see if you'll get lucky, and the progressive jackpots are self-explanatory. The only other game we've seen with this many progressive jackpots have one more at four, but we will not turn our nose up at three!

Free Spins

Free spins around here, being one of the main ways you can win. Should you match the right thing, you will be gifted with many spins that you will not have to put down any money for. There are multiple ways to do this, and one of the bonus rounds when you pick what you will win features them as well!

Game RTP

The industry standard here is around 96%. This means that, if you play long enough, you are guaranteed to win at least some thing. This doesn't mean you're going to win one of the three progressive jackpots, although we will point out the fact that there are three means you have a better chance of doing that. But it does mean, however, is that you will win something, and that the game is fair. This is audited by third-party boards, and insured to be entirely legitimate by multiple parties. That's part of what you get when you go with real time gaming!

Slot Game Rating

This game is one of the most popular games on the website for just how great it looks, and just how many chances you have to win. With the number of progressive jackpots being higher than some games even have, there are few things to compete with in the market when it comes to this game.

Slot Game Winners

Should you be one of the lucky progressive jackpot winners, your name will be featured prominently across the top of the site. When this happens, you will be a minor celebrity, soon to be forgotten by everyone that's trying to win the jackpot themselves! You might even make a few enemies because they're jealous that you won one of the jackpot before them. All the jackpots are progressive, meaning that they are cumulative across all players and all games. Once everyone has cashed out online, it starts all over again, needing to build back up.

Play for Fun

If you just want to have a good time without any of the risks, feel free to play instantly in demo mode. This fun method of playing is an arcade style game without having to put down any real money. We would rather win real money, but if you're only looking for some fun, this is a wonderful option!

Play for Real Money

Should you choose to take some risks, you will get many rewards in return! There are three progressive jackpots, and a pick bonus feature, making it among the most fully featured games on the market. No matter which one you go with, you are sure to win something long are you playing. That is part of the guarantee from the return to player, which is around the industry standard of 96%.

Mobile Play for Android / iOS

No matter how you play the game, it's going to run great. On mobile platforms, it runs just as well as desktop. Whether you are on iOS, android, iPhone, iPad, or anything else, they made this game designed to play well on multiple screen sizes. The imagery is high resolution, and will hold up no matter how great your phone is. It will also still work well if your phone isn't all that great! As long as the network connection is good, and even if it isn't, this game will run fine.