Mystic Dragon Slots

If you like medieval times, want to save damsels in distress, like dragons, knights, and scary mountains, this game will be your new homepage! It features authentic graphics, nice attention to detail, a great progressive jackpot, and many lines to bet on. If you want a game that would put many of the classic ones in Las Vegas to shame, this is a great one!

Lots to Match

This historical game has many things to offer, such as a wide variety of different symbols to match. You can match different suits of playing cards, as well as a knightly king, a magic scroll, a volcano, a noble knight, a princess, a castle, a dragon, and a glimmering treasure chest. We're not quite sure why the dragon wants treasure, we think he really just wants the princess. Kind of like Mario brothers. Whatever the case, those are the legends, and this game holds true to them.

The bonus round here is mainly a free spins feature. Should you land on it, you will be given a chance to redo your bets, without anything holding you back. The coin sizes go up to five dollars for a coin, which adds up to $125 at most that you can risk at once. The higher the amount you risk, the greater the reward. The only exception here is the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot will have an equal chance of being won no matter how much money you put down. Should you put down a lot, the progressive jackpot will not grow larger in the sense that you will win it, it will only grow larger and that you are contributing more to the total of it. Smaller, one penny coin size are your best bet if you want to win the progressive jackpot. You'll have to bet across a large number of lines, but we think it's worth it.

Fitting Style

On top of all that, the art style has a subtle stained glass look to it that we think you will enjoy. They went all out with the production values, it not being 3-D, but instead of a lavish look at illustration in its finest form. If you grew up reading the Arthurian legends, you may have seen similar illustrations. It has a storybook look to it, which we say as a complement. The more it can look that way, the better!