Lucky Lightning Slots

This game has one thing going for overall that everyone can enjoy: it pays out very well, and when the winning streak starts, they will light up the board! Lucky Lightning slot game has the pace of play clearly in mind, putting all of the focus on the main mechanics, and having you spinning rapidfire until it lands. It’s not much to look at, and easy to play, which gives it an old-school sort of chart that you don’t see too often anymore. It’s simple, intuitive, it looks like you’re sitting in a real Las Vegas casino while you play. If that’s not enough to get you interested, we’re not sure what is!

In addition to that, there still plenty to do in plenty to say. Although there are only three reels that you can see, the coin sizes vary widely. You come back from a few cents to a few dollars, making it suitable for anybody that’s interested in some old town Vegas fun. You will also see moderate renditions of the classic symbols that up here on the old-time reel’s, such as bars, cherries, and the like. This makes for a nice mix of old and new, and you’re sure to make anyone old enough to remember what slots are used to look like this smile!

The theme is also very over-the-top, which gives it a sort of charm that you don’t see. It makes it all seem like it is being played for laughs with just how seriously they take it, looking like a different version of setting a slot machine on fire with money. If you are looking for something that is easy to jump into, want something that won’t push your limits too much, and have a love of money, this one is for you!

What You Can Expect

This game plays everything very safe, keeping it exactly online but all time casinos used to do, and not changing a single thing about the formula. You should not expect any complex bonus rounds, things to figure out, or betting schemes that are going to have you scratching your head. You can win many multiples of coins the more you put down, and that’s about it. This is great for players that don’t want to have to put a lot of thought into things, but also makes it somewhat immersive the longer you player. There’s something about sitting back and saying the lightning symbols flyby that has a Zen like quality to it. Or maybe that’s just us!

Another thing this game has going for it is the fact that it looks pretty good. We say that knowing full well that they didn’t put much into the visuals, and most of them are from Stocks 3-D renters. With that in mind, however, it’s still captures the old timeslots in a playful way that we enjoy, and found ourselves longing for simpler times!

What They Could Have Improved

We did like this game, but it’s not hard to see where they could’ve improved. Like we said, there’s not much to the gameplay mechanics. They’re all fairly standard, and there’s not much to them in the slightest. If you have spun once, you have seen absolutely everything this game has to offer! It would have been nice if this were not the case. It is nice that the lucky symbols show up fairly often, and for that we are thankful. It would’ve been nicer if there was something like a progressive jackpot, or bonus rounds that aren’t just free spins popping up to keep things a little more interesting. We would not have kept playing if our bank account wasn’t rapidly growing. The game play itself is somewhat boring in that way!

It also would’ve been nice if there was a little more animation to the game. We think the whole thing could have been made so that the machine itself tilted and bob and weaved, and other things that would have taken only hours for the developer to do, but could have been reused it made the whole experience more visually interesting.

General Style and Presentation

Everything here takes place on the backdrop of a Las Vegas slot lounge. It looks pretty decent, like an old-time 3-D render, and feels somewhat immersive because of that. It’s not going to wow you in anyway with the visuals, however. Aside from the lightning graphics that are pasted over the top of it, it all looks fairly standard. You have probably seen many games that looked just like this before as well, each different only in what details they put over the top of it. This is a necessarily bad, but if you are interested in something that is going to have a lot of staying power, it isn’t going to leave a very lasting impression!

Summing Up the Game

Lucky Lightning Slots is a great game if you are into classic slots. It isn’t going to do anything out of the ordinary, but it does what it does fairly well. As long as you are not looking for a lots of intricate bonus features, you will probably have a good time here. Everything goes by at a rapid pace, only feeling somewhat jolted for long play sessions because there really isn’t all that much here that you haven’t seen. You’ll feel happy whenever the sevens roll by, but other than hoping to win that, there’s not much here. This game is for classic slot fans only in that way, making its saving grace that it breaks the bank compared to other games of this kind, with the payout rate being far higher than normal. That puts it leaps and bounds over other slots in our book, so we don’t have too big of a problem with that. If you’re in this for the money, and missed the old-time Vegas slots, this one is something you should give a spin!