Crazy Vegas Slots

This is not something we say too often about these games, so let us be clear: they actually tried pretty hard on this one, the bonus features are authentically interesting, and it has production values to match. This is not usually the case for games like this, which tends to be as forgettable as they are lucrative. We can’t think of a whole lot that we would change about the way this game over all came together, and you would be crazy not to give it a try!

To begin with, the graphics are bright, colorful, cheery, and have a nice cartoon style. Everything is very expressive, has a lot of personality, and could easily be made into some form of a comic. This makes it all very inviting, and gives you the feeling that you’re sitting down to play with friends the longer you spend. It is a far cry from the usual throwaway themes you usually see in these games games, and we thoroughly appreciate it to no end!

In addition to that, there are enough jackpots to keep everybody busy, bonus rounds that are good enough to be their own game, and a maximum bet that goes skyhigh alongside that. Putting down $100 a spin, having the bonus game show up, and then having the progressive jackpot come up alongside it is an exhilarating ride!

If you like to see why this is one of our most popular games, want to see in real time gaming at its best, and would like to get some quick money to take a nice and much needed vacation, this game was made just for you!

What You Can Expect

Nothing here goes by without being thoroughly appreciate it if you are a classic slot fan. This game breaks the mold, increasing the number of reels to five, but keeping all of the classical imagery and vibe to it despite that. It is a celebration of Las Vegas culture, feeling like a party that you are paid to attend. You will see magicians, high rollers, dice themselves, beautiful women, and giant piles of money. That sounds like the perfect way to spend an evening, or if we’re being honest, the rest of our lives!

The features of this game completely match the theme of the subject matter is well. They have taken everything from Las Vegas that you would come to associate with this culture, and matched it with jackpots, bonus rounds, and authentically made games. The big bonus feature in particular is a giant wheel that will give you multipliers so high or wonder if it’s a typo. When this happens, we can’t help but smile through it all. It seems to happen far more often than other games of this kind, winch when combined with the higher pay rate, makes this one a keeper!

We also want to make special note that, despite the number of lines you can bet on not being all that high at 20, the way the reals move does make you more likely to win. This may just be us, but it seems like the number of images inre the way they are set up makes the matching go a lot quicker. We tended to win a lot more often than we do and other games of this kind, and actually had a hard time pulling ourselves away!

What They Could Have Improved

We really don’t have much to complain about me at this game. If you want to progressive jackpot, it’s here. If you want one of the most fun bonus games in the slot world, that’s also here. Beautiful art style? Also present. Fast game play? That’s here as well. About the only thing we would change maybe would be the maximum betting about. $100 is very healthy, and more than you will typically see. We’re always looking to put down more money, however, so that’s a minor thing we supposed they could’ve improved. It’s a good sign for a game like this when we are scratching our heads and coming up empty when trying to criticize it!

We suppose another thing they could’ve done is included a free ticket to Las Vegas with every spin. That might just be us being greedy, however, and we could easily afford one after having sat down to play this game and racking up the winnings over time!

General Style and Presentation

This game looks like a party, set in Las Vegas, and about that very location. Even if you’ve never been to Vegas, you can still understand what’s going on here. They have taken everything from Las Vegas, made cute cartoon caricatures of it, colored it in a very saturated and lively style, and the end result is a party for the eyes!

It all looks like it is over the backdrop of a series of Vegas lights and explosions, which also goes very well with them. It is admittedly a little bit rainbow for our tastes, but every time we look up and see the big red word jackpot pointing to the center, we have a hard time getting mad at it!

Summing Up the Game

Crazy Vegas Slots is one of our favorite games that we played in a while. It has a very high charisma art style that is hard to ignore, beautiful winning amounts that will have you sitting down for long play sessions, and one of the best bonus games in the business. Whether you are a fan of Vegas itself, or us actually just like going there, you can appreciate just how well this game came together. We recommend that you play this over going to Las Vegas itself, as you could put the money for the hotel and plane tickets to good use here, and be rewarded for it after all!