Coyote Cash Slots

It was the Looney Toones had a baby, that baby went to Vegas, said baby won a lot of money, and then the baby made a slot machine game based on the life of his parents, this is about what you would expect a result from the complex and convoluted series of events! It looks like it was done by one of the classic animators of that era itself, the payouts are so high that it does look like a steal just like in the theme, and the colors and gameplay are also vibrant that it never mattered that they drew on other franchises. Of all the illustrated games with theme, of which there are many, this definitely ranks among our top five easily!

If you ever appreciated cartoons from that era, then you will have a smile plastered all over your face every time you glance at this one. It’s somewhat like the road runner, only thing around money, and with different characters. The inspiration is clear, however, and the same level of enthusiasm present in those characters is also palpable here. It makes for an event full time that you don’t see in many other games, and we really can’t think of a whole lot that we would love more than to see a sequel or three to this one!

Where that model the case, however, this game does still managed to hold its own fairly well. There are progressive jackpot, for example, the maximum bets go all the way up to $125 for just a single spin, you win free spins like they were falling out of the sky or being shot from a cannon into your life, and you can bet pretty much anything you would like thanks to the many coin size is that real time gaming always provides players. There’s a reason that this one is among the top as far as popularity goes on this site, and that’s because it is absolutely great! If you want to find out why everybody loves this one, you only have to click a button right now!

What You Can Expect

As we said, if you’ve ever seen the Road Runner, or Looney Toones in general, that’s exactly what’s going on here. They took that theme, they gave it a nice painterly style that we wish the original series could have featured, it is set in more modern times, and it all pays out so well that it does seem like it is indeed a steal! The colors here a vibrant, the gameplay is fast, and all of the features that you have grown to love our present here in full affect.

The gameplay, even in the complete absence of the way it all looks, is also a joy. You will find really really nice progressive jackpot, like we said, an ample pay rate, and the usual assortment of five reels and 25 lines that you can bet on. This game is fast, uncomplicated, and has a lot of charisma with every single pxiel you will find on the screen. The fact that they have random jackpots here only adds to the farm, and you can get up to 10,000 times your bet if you were to happen to match just the right amount of coyotes! In real life, in countering five coyotes would result in an untimely death, so we are happy to see it is the opposite of that here.

What They Could Have Improved

We really didn’t joy everything about this game, but putting on our credit card, there are some things we wish we could have seen re-done. We love the maximum betting amounts, as well as the multipliers, but it would have been nice to still have some free bonus features they could’ve made it more interesting. Free spins are fine, but not as fun as an actual game to play every once in a while. This would break up the really long play sessions that you will no doubt have given the quality of the rest of the game, and would have been easy to implement along side the absolutely wonderful graphics.

General Style and Presentation

The way the game works, like we keep gushing about, is phenomenal. They have hand drawn cartoon illustrations from the Tex Avery era of animation, and it’s all painted well enough that you could hang it on your wall. It all takes place in the desert, so the color scheme is a mixture of beiges, reds, and sky blue colors, and all of the different animals that have been personified here have a great deal of personality. Even the snake happens to feature a nice outfit and a knife, which is a nice touch, as otherwise, it could have been quite generic! These little touches go along way to make you smile.

Summing Up the Game

Coyote Cash Slots is the game that takes your time seriously, reward you for playing with random jackpots and high production values, and gives a very old-school take on a now classic genre. You will be betting quite a bit here, and winning even more. The fact that it all looks wonderful only helps cement your commitment, and the beautiful color scheme only serves to excite you as you play. They clearly put a lot of thought, time, and effort into this game. It shows with every spin that you make. Even the user interface is a joy, and we can’t think of many people that were just like this one. If you were looking for a wonderful way to spend an evening, when a lot of money, and act as a substitute for watching old cartoons on Netflix, this game has you covered, and will be paying you enough that in the future, you can do whatever you want with your free time!