Asgard Slots

All hail Valhalla! Real Time Gaming certainly doesn’t have a problem with this, as they pony up to release the exciting Asgard Slots this winter season. An ode to the giants, legends and lore of Old Norse mythology, this movie-based slot will feature frost giants, Allfather Odin, the Mighty Thor, Frost Giant Ymir and many other representatives of the rulers of Mt. Asgard.

If you’ve seen the past three Thor movies, then the symbols on the reels will be familiar to you. Although they don’t go as in-depth as the actual mythologies recorded by Snorri Sturlson’s Edda and the Poetic Edda, they give you a fair insight into the mythology. You’ll be delighted to see the mischievous Loki on the reels, as well as a fierce and lovely Valkyrie. She brings great gifts when things fall your way; to the tune of 15 Free Spins and a 3x Multiplier. The other symbols on the reels consist of Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer), Megingjord (Thor’s strength belts), Thor’s axe Jarnbjorn, magic runes and lightning bolts. This slot is steeped in mystery and allure, and does not hold back in the ways in which it helps to you corral some really good wins.

Mischievous Loki also plays a part. He has a Magic Feature that will toss an extra 20 Free Spins into your account if the symbols fall in the right place for you. Thor triggers two dozen Free Spins and also delivers Multipliers. The Valkyrie blesses you with 30 Free Spins on your way to a night of plenty. Play Asgard Slots this December as it is released halfway through the month, and enjoy all the goodies it has to offer. Real Time Gaming doesn’t disappoint, and this ode to the Norse gods and goddesses is yet another notch in their belt of success.