Cash Bandits Slots

Have you heard of the Cash Bandits? This is the first episode in a series of slot games, so if you love what you find here, you've got more to look forward to as well. This is an excellent game with some thrilling elements to check out - all revealed in detail in our game review.

Who created the Cash Bandits?

They come from Realtime Gaming (RTG), although they've switched to the name Spin Logic Gaming in many areas now.

You'll be able to play a demo version to see what you think

This is the best way to meet the bandits, see the features in the slot, and to figure out what you make of it all.

Theme information for Cash Bandits slots

If you haven't worked it out yet, there are some bandits after the cash held at the bank in this game. Fortunately, it doesn't get too dark as they've gone for a cartoon element in the game.

Plenty of neat touches appear in the game design

You'll spot handcuffs, a bank vault, cash bags, a getaway car, and many other relevant elements in this game. RTG hasn't given you any of the standard letters or numbers, so it's easier to fully immerse yourself in this slot.

It's time to spin Cash Bandits into action

The game goes for the usual 5 x 3 format, and it also provides you with two progressive jackpot prizes to go for. We mentioned a bank vault earlier, and it turns out that this is the wild icon. The only thing you cannot use it to replace is the police shield, as this comes into play as the scatter symbol.

How many lines can you bet on?

The game offers 25 of them, so there are lots to look out for as you play.

You'll find plenty of affordable bets to look at

The line quantity is matched by the cheapest bet - 25 lines for 25 cents. While there are other coins you can use, the highest doesn't go above a quarter.

Paytable details for Cash Bandits

Look out for the 'help and rules' link to the side of the fifth reel, as this takes you through to read about the rules of the game.

Bonus features in Cash Bandits slots

This is where the good stuff begins! Look for the police shields in the base game, as three of those will trigger the bonus round. You'll be transported into the bank's vault room, where four vaults await. The idea is to see whether you can guess the code that opens each one.

Free spins are ready to claim… if you can crack the codes!

When you get those police shields, you'll automatically get five free games with a starting multiplier of 2x. We say 'starting' because you then need to try and break into one or more of the vaults. Inside each one, there are some spins plus a multiplier. If you break open all the vaults, you will receive the maximum of 90 free games. Moreover, the maximum multiplier will also trigger - and this adds up to 12x.

There is no confirmed RTP value for Cash Bandits

It seems that your game will offer the return to player value chosen by the participating casino - at least, that's how we think it works with this developer.

What did we make of the Cash Bandits slot game?

This is a big hit, and you can see why. The game is entertaining, along with offering the chance to get inside that bank vault. This prolongs the free spin feature as you see whether you can find more spins and multipliers inside the bank. It's a nine out of 10 game for our team.

Watch for those progressive jackpot prizes

Few will ever receive them, as you can guess, but you can see the current available values to be won by checking the live game.

The demo game lets you figure out how it all works

You can play for long enough to get inside the vault room bonus round, so you're able to see how you try to guess the combinations on those vaults.

Will you progress to the real thing?

Once you've tried the demo version of Cash Bandits, you'll know for sure whether you'd like to play from a quarter per spin.

Mobile gaming gives you another way to meet those bandits

The game looks just fine on a smaller screen, and you can see what you make of it that way too if you like. We think you'll find plenty to appreciate along the way.