Plentiful Treasure Slots

Are you keen to play a slot game based around the subject of treasure? Who wouldn't be? So, when we spotted the Plentiful Treasure slot game, we had to look at it more closely to see what it involved. And now we're back with all the answers you could want if you're looking to play it. Are you ready to discover some treasure?

Developer info

The game was released a while back by Realtime Gaming, although they now operate under the Spin Logic Gaming moniker in several parts of the world, so watch out for that brand too.

Demo action available for Plentiful Treasure

Yep, we've tried it, and we can confirm you're able to play the demo before considering the real game.

You can work out where we're going with this theme, right?

It's all about treasure!

How does the design look?

This is one of those slot games that puts all the attention on the reels, thereby depriving us of a background. There is a slight design there that makes it look like red wallpaper, but not much else. Don't worry though because the reels themselves pack plenty of details into them for you to look at.

Let's play Plentiful Treasure, shall we?

The game has a standard 5 x 3 layout, so there are no surprises there, but you might be amazed to see four progressive jackpots rolled into the game.

As you begin to play, watch out for two wild symbols. The first of these is the treasure wild, landing on any of the middle three reels. The second wild is a pearl, and while it only lands on reel three, it delivers a massive 5x boost to any prize it appears in.

Look out for a tripod icon as well, as this behaves as a scatter symbol.

The game does away with paylines

Instead, you'll get all the possible ways you might line up a prize, and that means there are 243 of them in play.

Play one bet per spin in Plentiful Treasure

Whenever you spot a way wins game, you know you're going to bet on each spin rather than each line. This means introducing a bet multiplier, and since Plentiful Treasure has an Oriental theme happening, it's set at 88x. It means that while it does qualify to be called a penny slot, the smallest bet per spin is still 88 cents.

Check out their paytable ahead of your first spin

This is a sensible move even if you're going to play the demo to start with (as you should). It reveals plenty more facts about the game and the potential prizes that various icons could bring you.

The bonus round is the toughest bit to get to

Plentiful Treasure has four jackpots to go for, as we mentioned above. The bonus feature is where those jackpots appear, each one connected to a god-like symbol. If you manage to reach this round, you'll see 12 coins on the screen. All you need to do is to turn over a coin to reveal the god on the other side. Carry on doing this until you get three that match - it reveals which of the four jackpots you'll receive. And since the bonus round does guarantee that you'll get one of the progressive prizes, you can guess how tricky it is to reach.

Free spins in Plentiful Treasure

Thankfully, these are simpler to reach than the bonus feature! Spot three scattered tripods anywhere on the reels to get eight free spins. All the low-value icons are removed from the reels before these begin, so while there aren't many spins to work with, you will get the chance to play for some bigger prizes.

RTP details do not appear with the game

They could depend on which casino you're playing it at, so look for details at your chosen casino before you play.

What did we make of the Plentiful Treasure slot game?

This is a cool slot, and the lack of a proper background does it no harm. Everyone will want to play for a jackpot, but you can see how difficult those are to reach. Everything else in the game looks cool though, warranting a score of eight out of 10 from us.

The progressive jackpots are the best prizes in the game

As you may have expected, of course. You'll see the available values when you load the game, and you can then watch them rise as you play.

Play for some treasured entertainment

The treasure is real in this game, especially if you manage to seek out those gods. But even the base game has a lot to offer, and it's entertaining enough even in demo mode.

Play for real wherever you see Spin Logic Gaming titles

Or if you live somewhere that RTG operates, you'll see their logo instead. It's the same excellent game in either case.

Seek out the mobile version too

There's no need to wait until you can sit down at your computer… try the mobile version of the slot too. Android and iOS devices are fine to use.