Double Ya Luck Slots

Double Ya Luck is certainly an intriguing title for a slot game. It's been around for ages, so you may not spot it at all the casinos carrying games from the creator, but it is still out there. Before you play it, we suggest reading the facts we gleaned from our playing experience below.

Who is the game developer?

It was originally released by RTG, but they now go by the name Spin Logic Gaming at lots of casinos.

Take some demo spins of those reels first

Whenever a slot game offers you the chance to do this, why wouldn't you?

Expect a classic theme with some changes here

By classic we refer to the reels (more on those in a second), along with cherries, bar symbols, and other familiar symbols. That's about it for the theme.

Double Ya Luck has a standard design

Don't expect any 3D images in this one. Its age precludes that possibility; the developer isn't known for that either. You can expect a classic design with those cherries and other iconic symbols landing on the reels.

How to play the Double Ya Luck slot game

The game has a 3 x 3 set of reels on offer, and it does look busy despite the small size. The progressive jackpot isn't always small though, as you can see in the top right of your screen during the game.

You also need to look for the words in the title of this game. DOUBLE is the wild, and it can turn up in any position. YA is a scatter symbol, turning up on reel two, while LUCK is the second scatter, landing on the third reel.

Is this a single-payline slot?

No, the format allows for three lines to appear in Double Ya Luck.

Play one coin on each payline

This keeps things simple, with the smallest coin marked as a 10-cent one. You have other coins to look at too, but a dollar is the highest you can go with each one.

Another important paytable to read

Every slot includes a paytable, and you can see that this one has some different elements involved. Check out the rules in there before you get underway with this one.

Bonus feature in this slot game

Yep, there is a bonus - a rarity in a game of this size. It revolves around a board game and the trigger for this is one or more of the dice icons. Look at the game places around the reels and you'll see what's involved. How far can you make it around the board - and what might happen when you stop moving? There are bet multipliers, a dice re-roll, and a chance of some free spins.

Free spins in Double Ya Luck slots

Can you spell DOUBLE YA LUCK across the three reels? If so, you'll receive a 50/50 gamble element where you could receive up to 40 free games. The maximum multiplier for these is 4x. You begin with five free spins, and the outcome from that point depends on whether you progress through the gamble feature to get the best results.

RTP info is unavailable

This makes sense for a game from this developer, as you won't find any details of this nature inside any of their other games either.

Our rating: How did we rate Double Ya Luck?

We liked this way more than we thought we might. It's a great title with some unusual features. The second we loaded it and saw the board game spread around the reels, we knew we were going to play something unlike anything else we've seen before. And we were correct, so we're giving it 8.5 out of 10.

Would-be winners should check that jackpot

This is an excellent game, and while it doesn't show up at all casinos offering games from this developer, it should show up enough times to keep that jackpot ticking over.

Play for some demo action

What better way could there be for you to make sure you know what this game involves?

Play 10 cents per line to access the real game

Double Ya Luck is a sensational slot game, and one that is still reasonably affordable, even with it being well outside the realm of a penny slot.

Mobile gaming might be more difficult to find

Check and see whether it appears in the mobile casino first; it's an older title that is more likely to show up in the regular casino. It's still great to play on a regular computer though, as you'll soon find out when you try it.