Fruit Frenzy Slots

Fruit Frenzy Slots
Featuring a classic cartoon look and wonderful features, this is a compelling package for anyone that loves the sweeter side of the produce section. It has all the bells and whistle‘s you would expect from something high budget, as well as many trappings of a labor of love when it comes to the cartoon art style. If you want again that looks good and plays like it’s your best friend, this one is it!

About the Game

This game is a cartoon take on the carnival theme. We are sure that no other game has ever tried to do that. There’s so much of a daredevil aspect to it as well which is hard to wrap your head around, but seeing it in practice, it does work. They made this with jackpots and bonus features, making for a game well worth anyone’s time.

Slot Game Developer

This game is brought to you by real time gaming. This is one of their earlier projects, having a lower our budget. It still has everything else that makes brand popular, however, such as jackpots and the many different bonus features.

Demo Play

If you want to give the game a try for free, it starts off automatically in demo mode. Here, you can test out every last pixel of the game. There won’t be any money on the table, but you can still have a generally good time. This is the best time to get used to how it works, and decide whether or not you trust it enough to put money in.


The theme of this game is fruit, and carnivals. The daredevil bonus feature suggest there is also an element of that as well. All of the different fruits are dressed up as if they were members of a circus, and it’s all delightfully fun and unexpected.

Game Design

The game is made to be played by anyone that loves jackpots. Most of the bonus features are geared towards that, and the progressive jackpot along the top as a testament to it. It is also a game with five reels, 25 lines to bet on, and a maximum bet of $125. With that, you also get the daredevil bonus feature, which is going to have you choosing which direction to go in when it comes to winning and multipliers.

Slot Game Type

They focused this so strongly on the progressive jackpots. In our opinion, that makes it a progressive jackpot style game. Although the number of reels and everything else is similar to other games, because of the way that it’s played, you’re always trying to win the progressive jackpot more than anything else. The five reels is still nice, and the bonus round is great, but the progressive jackpot is the stand out feature.

Betting Options

They have been generous with the betting options. If you want to bet a lot, you can go all the way up to five dollars for just a coin. Across the 25 lines, that adds up to $125. If you want to put down pennies, however, you are also welcome to do that too. There isn’t anything here that you wouldn’t be able to make work when it comes to deciding how much to put down.

Bonus Round

The daredevil bonus feature is much like the pick to win features on the computer games. Many options will come up when you win it, and you’ll get to choose which one to go with. Based on this blind choice, you can decide which prizes you would like to win. You don’t know which will be beforehand, which makes it more fun.

Free Spins

There are plenty of free spins here should you get the different bonus pictures. There are also plenty of wild, coming around more often than you would usually expect. Between these two, winning seems almost effortless at times. We had long stance where we won spin after spin, I’m not putting down any additional money but still winning some!

Game RTP

The return to players here is around 97%. This is slightly above average, and in line with the rest of real time gaming. If you play long enough, you are bound to win, and it all has been independently verified to be fair by separate auditing boards.

To give a candid take on how often you can expect to win, for about every 10 minutes we play in every 10 spins, we have seem to have one at least half of them. That was on a lucky streak. When we were less lucky, we were winning about two out of 10. If you play your cards right, and put your money in the right places, this can add up quickly!

Slot Game Rating

This is one of the highest rated games on the website. It’s the number one popular game for the category, and a fan favorite among those that like the genre. For people in the progressive jackpots in particular, it’s one of the best.

Slot Game Winners

Should you win at this game, along the top, you’ll be added to one of the leaderboards, as well as display to other players that happen to be playing the game at the time. This lets everyone know where they stand, and whether or not the progressive jackpot has come to you. You’ll be both loved and hated by your fellow players if you make this list!

Play for Fun

If you don’t want to put down any money, you’re welcome to have an arcade style experience to your hearts content. It’s a great way to get used to a game while minimizing your risks. You can easily do it while standing in line or watching Netflix, making everything in your life a little more fun without having to worry about losing any money. We have a feeling that it’s only going to be a matter of time before you decide to put down real money, however. That’s where the real fun is at.

Play for Real Money

If you want to earn some real dough, you put down real money. This makes for a really good time, if you can pardon our pun! It’s the only way to win. You also get deposit bonuses for the casino, given you some free money to work with based on your own real money. Between that, the great betting odds, and other things, it’s easily the go to way to play a game like this. We would not recommend doing it any other way, although testing out a game is understandable to do for fun.

Mobile Play for Android / iOS

Across any of your mobile devices, this game also runs lovely. Whether you are an Apple fan or a Google aficionado, there won’t be a single glitch or hiccup in your play experience. It runs past on iPhones and iPads in our experience, but that may just be our bias. The graphics are high resolution, and hold up across a variety of platforms. Depending on where you are, there may even be a native mobile app available through your App Store.