Cherry Red Slots

If you would like a game that looks like Las Vegas put it on the Internet, and don’t like complicated gameplay, this game is going to be among your favorite! It has clean graphics, simple play styles, and decent betting amounts. The only thing we can knock about it is that it can sometimes be too simple. If that’s your thing, however, you will love it!

You can match all of the usual Vegas mainstays, including cherries, bars, and the like. You can also match the logo. If you get lucky sevens, you’ll be winning among the most. No matter what you match, however, you’ll be filled with nostalgia for what simpler slots used to be like before things got complicated and everything had a large number of gameplay modes. There is something to be said for the immersive value of a relaxing and simple game that looks like one of the classics! We love it.

Play for Real Money

If you have the balls to put down some real though, you’ll get lots in return for it. With real money on the table, the rewards are skyhigh. They let you back up to $100 on a single spin. At five dollars a coin max, and one penny minimum, you can bet across a wide variety of budgets that suit you. Should you get lucky enough to get the free wild Games feature, you will be given that same spend you bet money on times over. There are many ways that real money has real results here, which we encourage everyone to use in order to get the most out of the game!

Mobile Play for Android / iOS

If there is a platform that this game doesn’t look good on, we have yet to try it. There is not a single game we have played across any of the real time gaming titles they did not look wonderful across our phones and tablets. The tablet in particular shows off the high-resolution graphics the best. If we had to pick one way to play it, it would be that. That’s less conducive to winning money while taking a poop, but other than that, it’s the preferred way to go. It will still run just fine on your Google phone or iPhone, however. You just won’t get to see all the graphics in their full luxurious glory!